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The Atlantic Paranormal Society
has become hugely popular due to the TV show, “Ghost Hunters.” The Atlantic Paranormal Society (also known as TAPS) investigates paranormal activity – including ghosts, hauntings, voices, poltergeist, EVP, and unexplainable psychic activity.

Guess where The Atlantic Paranormal Society is headquartered. It’s located in a small city called Warwick in the state of Rhode Island. Jason Hawes created the Atlantic Paranormal Society in 1990, after he had a paranormal experience that could not be logically explained. Since then, the Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) has gained international fame for its research into paranormal activity.

Haunted Places Investigated by The Atlantic Paranormal Society

Some of the spooky places investigated by TAPS include: The U.S.S. Lexington, The Shining Hotel, The Bird Cage Theatre, Eastern State Penitentiary, Race Rock Lighthouse, John Stone Tavern, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Shawshank Prison, and numerous private homes.

The Atlantic Paranormal Society uses sophisticated equipment to capture evidence of paranormal activity. TAPS uses audio recording devices to capture EVP (electronic voice phenomenon), video cameras, infrared devices, electromagnetic field meters, negative ion detectors, thermal scanners, and much more. Once the paranormal activity has been captured using equipment, the Atlantic Paranormal Society evaluates the data and decides whether a particular location is haunted.

The “sport” of ghost hunting – as pioneered by the Atlantic Paranormal Society – is becoming immensely popular. The number of hauntings and paranormal activity is rapidly increasing. According to The Atlantic Paranormal Society, one out of every ten homes experiences some type of supernatural activity! That’s 10% of all homes. As a result, the demand for trained paranormal researchers – ghost hunters – is rapidly growing.

Discover the Secrets of Ghost Hunting

To learn more about ghost hunting, and paranormal research, be sure to visit Ghost Hunting Secrets which is published by Michelle Myers. You’ll gain free access to ghost hunting tips, advice, real ghost hunting photos, and the inside secrets of paranormal investigation. Check it out!


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I was in a grave yard with my mom around 9:00 pm and we had a black deep dark shadow moving around directly in front of us. It was the size of a person except i could not see legs. I took a few pics as i went towards it and it moved out of my site. It moved the speed as if it was walking. What was it? The graveyard was in Attleboro ma. Now i believe there is something after life. I saw it with my own eyes………..10/21/07

I Watch ghost hunters (TAPS) all the time on
TV. I like the suspense the show builds and how cool it is to see the ghosts on camera. I Always watch
ghost videos on youtube! :-{D

Hey guys.. your awsome.. i LOVE ghost hunters.. its so cool how yu guys catch all that footage on guys inspire me into wanting to go in that field…oh and i was wondering if Dave Tango still works with yu guys because he was really cute.. if he does tell him to write to meill leave my email.. keep it up.. it would be awsome if yu could write back

I saw your job through Sci-fi channel and It is vary interesting. I am live in Brazil and here there are many places to investigate. Maybe your team to came from Brazil to produce some precious documents.
Good Job for TAPS team.

Hey taps i would like to complement you on awsome work. I was wondering if you could leave me some pointers on what i need to do to capture paranormal activity, and if you know of any groups in south africa that i could contact. Im hoping to hear from you guys, i want to learn more maby then it can put my weird experiances as a child and of recent into perspective and help me understand. Thankyou guys.

i think kristyn is hot!


What happened to Brian and Donna on GHI? Jason always treated Brian like dirt. Jason was so condescending and of course Brian was intimidated by him. That’s why Brian was nervous. Jason’s relationship with Stevie is sickening. Bosses pet. Steve is a major Brown Noser!

My wife and I love your show and watch it regularly. We stayed at the Myrtles and the Stanley Hotel hoping for an experience. Nothing !, except another guest at Myrtles took a pic in the courtyard and it was filled with swirly mist. Keep up the good work.
We are visiting Key West and heard you had the doll Robert at ur convention. Did Robert “do anything?” How’d it go?

I enjoy your show, however, 1 night and not even a full one at that does not make or break a case for a haunting in my opinion. I also do not like the way you talk and treat Brian either. It is very belittling especially on tv. The other poster was right, Steve is obviously your pet and it shows immensely!! other than that, the show is..OK..but not all that, that’s for sure. I’ve seen way better.

love the show! you guys are the only ones that i believe out of all the so-called paranormal investigators.1 question; can you stop the music when you think you hear something so we can hear it too? can’t tell if we hear something or if it’s part of the music. thanks guys.

i hope brian is still with the show. you explained what happened to donna but not brian. i can tell that he could probably be somewhat frustrating at times but he does add some interest and comedy to the show in a good way. i would miss him if he wasn’t on anymore!

hey Jason,Grant,and Steve we love the show!

I love the show , watch it everyweek. I do belive i n ghosts and had paranormal experiences.Iwas wondering what happen to Donna? Have a good day.

I have just started watching your show and tons of reruns, now that I have DISH and DVR. Very interesting. I agree that it could be more professional if you stop playing creepy sounding music when you are doing investigations, as it cheapens your work. I’ve also noticed that Jason is using better grammar as the show progresses (i.e. “Grant and I” vs “me and Grant”). This is good for the children watching (yours included). Actually, I appreciate your consideration of children in general…this is a huge asset for your show. Continue the good work and solid improvements. I know it can be challenging to be on your best life, as well. Here’s a hint: If you feel crabby or short tempered that day, maybe don’t shoot! Brian had problems, but he was entertaining and wore his heart on his sleeve.

I was bored one night trying to find something to watch on TV and stopped at Ghost Hunters and now I am soo addicted to your show. Thank you for an addiction I don’t mind having.
My family and I took a trip to Gettysburg in 06 trying to find ghosts.
We took a tour of the Jenny Wade house.
The tour started in the cellar of the house and ended on the main floor.
I was standing facing the front door when I could softly hear footsteps(like a child would make)upstairs where we just came from.
I could hear them going across the floor and then coming down the stairs.
I turned and looked towards the landing on the stairs and there was no one.
At a split second I felt a rush go through my body that took my breath away. I gasped so hard like I saw something, but nothing was there.
The only way that I can explain the feeling is like when a child comes running to you and forgets to stop.
It took my breath away and sent a tingle throughout my whole body like electricity.
The experience was absolutely incredible and we went back again in 08 and didn’t have anymore experiences. That will not stop us.
Thank you Ghost Hunters !!!!!

I used to live on the East coast out towards Hampton Beach on a back road Ithink towards Rye my uncle rented ahouse that was built in the early 17th cent.There was a secret corridor in the attic for hiding revolutionary troops from the British my hair used to stand on end and recieved cold chills. Thank You for putting out good quality program, Iwould like to go back to that house with some of that equipment that you use. My family & I are fans Thanks again.

Hi Taps Members,
I and my husband watch Ghost Hunters (TAPS) all the time on TV. You have an amazing scientific work, ethic above all. Congratulations!!!
had a lot of my own personal experience and I believe there is something after life.
Come to Brzil visit us!! You have a lot of fans here, you will see!!!

J and G, I love the show. I am so hooked. Even my grandkids love to watch it. Sometimes, the spooky things that happen give me the chills. I loved it when one of the new guys, I think it was Tango, was made to wear a child’s tiara on his head thinking it was one of your devices. I laughed by behind off. Keep up the great work. My Tivo is always set for Ghost Hunters and GHI.

PS. I liked Brian but glad he is gone

This has been my fav show for years. I look forward to Wed nights. It seems like you only investigate businesses now. What happened to the families who need help. That’s the good stuff. Once you said” If they have gift shop it’s probably not haunted”. Please don’t become an advertising agency for these places. Oh my god I’m so depressed now.

My husband and I stayed at the Oliver House ( the night before TAPS was going to be there. Apparently I was feeling a little over zealous that they were going to be ghost hunting in the very place we were staying. I had talked a whole group of people staying at this fabulous bed and breakfast to join me in a ghost hunt. We got busted by the manager sitting in a dark room, waiting for something..the only thing we experienced was his anger. However, I still remain a huge fan of the Oliver House, and a huge fan of TAPS!

actually I have a question. Is there going to be a special live Halloween show this year? I have not seen any ads of one and it is a show I look forward to seeing every year.

Nottoway Plantation, the South’s largest remaining antebellum home, will be featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Ghost Lab” on November 3, to showcase its unique ghostly spirits. The show entitled “Murky Water,” which will air at 9 p.m. Central Standard Time, showcases spirits from the past as well as the dramatic, multi-million dollar renovation that has just taken place to restore Nottoway and upgrade the visitor experience.

“Many of our employees have not only heard the rumors but have also sensed things in the halls of this beautiful home,” explained Dale Huval, general manager. “We’re not surprised that the ‘Ghost Lab’ team wanted to investigate further. This episode will not only showcase Nottoway’s paranormal activity, but the very ‘alive and well’ renovations that have returned this beauty to her original grandeur.”

“Ghost Lab” has explored more than 70 locations across the United States for paranormal activity and set a new standard in supernatural research. Using some of the world’s most sophisticated equipment housed in a decked-out traveling “ghost lab,” brothers Brad and Barry Klinge mobilize this lab to this sprawling relic of the South with deep ties to the Civil War and the trauma of the times. Legend has it that Nottoway’s original owner still roams the mansion, dressed in black – lore made even more intriguing when Barry says he witnesses the spirit for himself.

Brad and Barry learn that the alleged activity extends to unexplained voices and pictures flying off the walls. While investigating the third floor bedroom, a purported site of haunted activity, they notice that the raging Mississippi River is clearly visible from window. A team member takes a photograph that appears to show a ghostly woman’s face in the window. After ruling out environmental factors like condensation for the image, the Klinge Brothers theorize that the flowing water from the Mississippi is casting off electromagnetic energy toward the house, fueling the spirits inside.

“The first time we set foot at Nottoway, we knew it had tremendous potential. The location is beautiful, yet spooky, with an amazing history,” said Ghost Lab Executive Producer Alan LaGarde. “Once we spoke with the staff about their experiences and also heard the guests’ stories, we were hooked.”
With 53,000 square feet of living space, Nottoway is the largest plantation house in America. The mansion was completed in 1859 for John Hampden Randolph, his wife and their 11 children. Nottoway is the largest remaining antebellum mansion in the Southern United States and splendidly rests along Louisiana’s Great River Road in White Castle, at the heart of Plantation Country.

Season 2 Part1. St. Augustine,Florida, Spanish Military Hospital, after you guys went through the place, and went over the investigations with your cameras, Steve neglected to mention the smoke across from Paula in the dark and the orb(large) on the door that looked like the crators on the moon, sort of. Beside the talk about the orbs in what they were doing,flying around in different directions weren’t too important, I thought, thats it! Please respond to this! Thank You Very Much, Aisha Halim

I am extremely interested in becoming a ghost hunter investigator. the paranormal has always interested me and I can still recall my first experience at the age of 4. somehow I’ve managed to live my life in what I call a “backwards mode”. I’m 38 yrs old, have 3 granddaughters and am co-owner of a glass company in San Antonio, Texas. My two daughters are fully grown and now I’m truly ready to follow my passion of exploring the paranormal throughout the United States. I’m not interested on being seen on tv, I want to help others in understanding and providing answers. please let me know if I could ever be of any assistance to the TAPS Team, I’m willing to pay my own way and travel as often as needed. you may reach me at 1 (210) 535-1408 mobile, or at 1 (210) 624-2846 Office/home and our back up line # (210) 624-3268. My email address is thank you for your time.

Hey taps,
Recently ive come across some peeps that have been accusing you of faking evidance. This kinda bothers me a little, ill keep watchin ya cause i love you bastards and ive been watchin for years. Try keepin it cleaner and youll see that we all still love ya, if your ever in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York drop me a email im the chef at a 4 diamond restaurant and ill take care of ya


dear taps my name is jessica hillyerd from pennsylvania wind gap. i got a question. i have had a bunch of weird stuff that has been happening. there was see through mist in the coner, shadows,stuff being moved around, and shuffling around up in my attic.i need to know what to do. please write back jessica

love the show

I love your program. Keep it up.

may i ask the ssame thing?

What is the address for Taps so I may send a letter?

Love your show. We are going from Milwaukee to New Orleans and would like to see “something haunted.” I have been looking online but can’t find anything really haunted that can be visited? Any ideas? The only thing I know about are the cemeteries in New Orleans. I have been checking LA and MS. I know this isn’t a comment, but I hoped for some help. Thanks Judie G

dear T.A.P.S,

im a huge fan of the show. i pretty mutch sleep ’till wednesday other than when theres an event going on. but i dont have a case and im sorry for that, but im aa huge fan of your show and if im not successful in my musical carreer then ill be a garage artist and join ghost hunters academy. send me an Email at it would mean alot to me.

I’ve been watching the show since day one. I am very into the things you do. A couple years ago I had a experence. What I would like to know, where are Steve and Tango?

i have been needing help with a ghoast situation please help

on the 11 of september my son had caugt some strange noises in my basement he didnt hear this noises when he was recording but only when we reveiwed it later we also caught what seems to be a small child on video and hour later we need ur help ther was also a symboyl in a glass jar that was a triangle with 3 dots in it we know that the triangle means water and that the three dots mean lost there was also a voice caught plz contact me as soon as u can

I love watching the show

Hi my name is Zack Rollins i live in Coon Rapids, MN and i cansee ghosts if you would like to know more you can call me at 763-355-4682 and i am a huge Fan

I have read that a (spirit or ghost or entity) person can be physically hurt by the ghost that they believe is in their home. Why would it cause harm to the person?

May 2011

Why would ghosts harm anyone residing in the home it has decided to haunt??

We have recently been experiencing some problems like this in our home.

What is TAPS tele# ? Thanks in advance…..Oh Yes, my husband and I enjoy your show and have for many years.

R. Florida

I watch you all the time. i try not to miss a show. i grew up in north kingstown. i enjoy the show a lot.

have you guys ever thought of investigating Dudly Town, Ct.? it’s been so bad that in 1999 that it’s off limits to anyone trying to go there. it is a ghost town…that would be cool for an investigation on next Live Halloween…if you can get the authority to do so. maybe you could take a medium or someone who is expert of cleansing the town? I watch all the time…wouldn’t miss you guys for anything…just ask my kids!!!!

how do i become a member of taps

love the show watch it every week for years! I lived in a house that was haunted. I only wish I knew then what the taps team has taught me since watching the show! keep up the great work!

Hi, TAPS team!
I’m 12 years old, and I live in Wisconsin. While searching the most haunted places in Wisconsin, I came across a hotel names The Maribel Hotel, nicknamed Motel Hell. I’ve heard that a lot of strange things happen; blood on the walls, screams, and an apparition of a little girl on some stairs.
I hope you can check it out sometime!

I tried to get ahold of you, but was unable. Yesterday, The Mount (Edith Wharton’s house) had a tour last night of all the haunted placed on the grounds (which are huge). You can email me or call me at 413-344-7154

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    The Atlantic Paranormal Society – TAPS Ghost Hunters investigates the paranormal.


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